A Unique Approach to Cryptocurrency

At Orientum we have always placed the confidence of our ORT Coin holders at a high priority. With so many ICO and fintech projects out there, we have gone to great lengths to put all at ease that we are in this with a long-term vision for our cryptocurrency platform, and especially in terms of the businesses we partner with. Success for us represents value and financial growth for ALL who partner with us.

For these reasons, after much careful consideration and research, the founders of Orientum decided to register the coin in Georgia. Our parent company, EltronX LLC (Company Identification Number 404560131) has all the necessary licenses to launch tokens/cryptocurrencies and host ICOs in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Why Georgia? Because Georgia has developed very quickly in its internal corporate infrastructure with very efficient procedures across multiple agencies.Most importantly Georgia is one of the most advanced countries around when it comes to the cryptocurrency innovation.

As of October, 2018, Orientum or ORT is not in a presale or “ICO” period. It is currently being listed for public trading on an affiliate cryptocurrency exchange platform, and will be listed on additional exchanges in future phases of expansion.

Orientum differs from many cryptocurrency/ICO projects in a number of ways. Some ways in which it stands out from other fintech projects is:

Orientum did not host an “ICO”. It was released through a limited pre-sale period to select coin adopters in an Initial Offering Pre-Sale before being prepared for direct release for public trading.
The Fund Allocation commitment announced in our White Paper is not limited to the Pre-Sale Period or Initial Offering. We will maintain this fund allocation structure indefinitely, including reinvesting profits from business ventures through partner companies back into Orientum.

As such Orientum does not have a “Soft Cap”. We are committed to allocating ALL funds in accordance with this Fund Allocation. Additionally we have not announced any Hard Cap. This is because the intention of the founders of Orientum was not to raise funds, but rather to build a sustainable cryptocurrency platform that will play a key role in the finance of the future. Ours is a long-term vision for increased value for all, not a quick profit, quick exit model.

The businesses we are partnering with are already operational successful companies that we have the privilege of expanding with together with all Coin Holders. In the case of real estate, for example, we are not buying property with funds raised through Orientum. We are already in joint possession of premium property on which we are engaging in hospitality development in partnership with Orientum to increase value as well as provide genuine usability for the coin.

Orientum’s slogan is “Own the Future”. We firmly believe that we are building a future finance platform towards long-term profitability and sustainability, through which all can grow and prosper. We are in this for the long ride. We invite you to join with us on this exciting journey. Let’s truly “Own the Future” together.