Built to Last. Destined to Grow.

Besides being built with cool tech and a solid, modern design structure, the unique appeal of the Orientum Platform is the fact that we guarantee a cryptocurrency backed by not just good technology, but also supported by stable businesses holding tangible hard assets which are likely to not just retain their value, but rather steadily appreciate in value over time. Hence Orientum is a cryptocurrency not just for trading and speculation, and investors have a much greater assurance of our coin not undergoing an overinflated bubble period only to crash and burn later. It is built to last and destined to grow.

No one can deny the meteoric rise of Finance Technology or fintech, fueled by the current sensational success of cryptocurrencies. People familiar with digital money will be well acquainted with words such as blockchain, mining farms, smart contracts, crypto wallets, trading, coins exchanges, etc. They also know that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are driven by hype, speculation, and the typical buying and dumping cycle. “Crypto-maniacs” are all too familiar with all that, but hey, that is the game. That’s the risk. That’s even the thrill of it. We know it all too well. We’ve been there. We’ve had the highs. We’ve seen the lows. And we just wondered, what if?…

What if this unstoppable whirlwind of future finance could change directions? What about developing a cryptocurrency designed with cutting edge technology, fortified by unbreakable inbuilt security systems, and featuring complete efficiency and stability? But not just that; how about a cryptocurrency that is resilient enough to stand the test of time and withstand persistent speculation because it is backed by stable and established businesses that deal in reliable, tangible assets – a digital currency you don’t want to just dump as soon as the value inches up a bit because you know that this is a cryptocurrency that bears the inherent potential to go through the roof? We wondered, we pondered, we discussed, and we decided to build it! Introducing Orientum.


To be a force in the future of finance through delivering dynamic profitability while upholding the principles of integrity and accountability.

To create a stable and transparent cryptocurrency platform that is accessible to all, regardless of social status or financial background.


To offer a dynamic cryptocurrency built upon reliable, up-to-date technology, yet driven by stable and time-tested economic principles. To invest in innovations for a sustainable future.

By collecting and combining the best resources available worldwide, we are able to provide services that swiftly connect multiple businesses at the international level.

Key Features of Orientum

  • The fully operational Orientum Cryptocurrency Platform has been operating in beta for some time and we’re delighted with the results and the insights gained from the beta testing. This beta platform has ensured that early adopters of ORT acquired actual coins thus bypassing the typical tokenization process.
  • The main public platform has been developed in advance of Orientum’s release to the market with trading on select public exchanges to commence in October 2018.
  • Orientum is pre-mined, thus eliminating the many mining complexity and costs including energy consumption and mining farms.
  • Secure Wallets, advanced blockchain security and a comprehensive KYC systems are fully developed from the launch, all aimed at providing maximum confidence to Orientum holders.
  • Orientum has partnered with, and is supported by, prosperous businesses holding solid assets and intellectual property ensuring a high potential for steady growth which adds value, stability, sustainability and confidence to the Orientum ecosystem as a whole.
  • Special attention has been given to advanced and failsafe multi-level security systems utilizing, as appropriate, both software and server hardware solutions as appropriate.
  • The Orientum ecosystem is a comprehensive offering, incorporating powerful digital finance applications including Coin Exchange, Smart Merchant Applications, secure wallets and more. All this is wrapped around a secure, stable, forward-thinking digital currency (ORT).
  • We offer immediate avenues for using Orientum as a preferred payment method for goods and services with exclusive discounts and incentives not available to buyers using fiat currency.
  • To strengthen the Orientum ecosystem as a whole and specifically to position Orientum as the cryptocurrency of the future, our partner enterprises will generate significant profits which will be invested back into core ventures (after applicable tax and deductions)
  • Orientum will reward individuals holding ORT in their wallets with quarterly airdrops evenly distributed in proportion to the number of ORT Coins held. This provides an incentive not to dump ORT Coins on the market or sell them prematurely.
  • Orientum is unique in that it continues to reinvest profits from the platform and related businesses back into Orientum. We are committed to continuing to manage funds according to the announced Fund Allocation rather than limiting this to solely the pre-sale and private sale period.

The Evolution of Trade and Finance

Global trade and finance has gradually evolved from bartering of physical goods, to the use of minted coins, to paper banknotes, to plastic money in the form of ATM/Debit/Credit Cards, and finally to internet banking. In this era of social media and the broad use of mobile applications, no one can deny the broad impact brought about by this monumental change which even global banking institutions have had to recognize and accept to the point of developing mobile applications that facilitate the convenience, speed and security of mobile banking as opposed to over-the-counter or ATM transactions.

Today, this constantly changing planet is rapidly moving towards a whole new era where cryptocurrency is taking the world of finance by storm. This high velocity trend is moving so fast that as of December, 2017 there were more than 1,300 registered digital currencies in existence, with a market cap of over 500 Billion US Dollars. (Total Market Cap $547,657,262,737 as of 23/12/2017 Reference: https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/)

PLEASE NOTE: There are many more cryptocurrencies existing than the ones that are registered on coinmarketcap.com. The above mentioned gross value only takes into consideration currencies listed on coinmarketcap.com so the actual total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is considerably higher than this.

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