Orientum Coin Allocation

There is a Total Supply of 888,888,888 Orientum Coins. ORT Coins are all pre-mined and the supply is strictly capped at this amount.

In accordance with standard cryptocurrency practice, the Corporate/Founders Pool of Orientum is 25% or 222,222,222 ORT Coins.

An additional 150,000,000 ORT Coins are allocated towards Mergers and Acquisitions, for merging with and acquiring businesses that align with our stated business strategies. Allocating ORT Coins towards such mergers and acquisitions builds strong business partnerships which further helps to strengthen the platform.

A substantial portion of Orientum Coins have been sold through a Private Sale/Pre-Sale.

The remaining pool of ORT Coins will be held and released to current holders of ORT via quarterly airdrops evenly distributed in proportion to the number of ORT Coins held. The pool of Orientum Coins that remains after the Private Sale period will be airdropped in batches every quarter until this remaining pool is depleted. The amount of airdropped coins disbursed into wallets will be based upon the amount held by users in their ORT wallet, and/or user wallets in select partner exchanges at the time of the announced airdrop. Airdrops will be limited to these wallets to ensure airdropped coins are properly disseminated.

To protect against oversupply or dilution of the Orientum Coin value, the Founders and Board of Directors of Orientum are bound to a strict policy of not dumping coins from the Corporate Pool onto the market. For the same reason, ORT Coins allocated through Mergers and Acquisitions will be locked at first as well. ORT Coins from these two pools can only be released to the market in batches in accordance with and in proportion to scheduled airdrops. Furthermore, holders of ORT Coins from these two pools are not eligible for receiving airdropped coins. 


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