Dr. Metta Visessombat joins Orientum

Proud to invite Dr. Metta – Scientist and international expert on alternative energy to Orientum as Senior Advisor on Green Energy and Plastic to Fuel Technologies.

Dr. Metta Visessombat

Orientum is most pleased to reveal the person whose tireless research in connection with Thailand’s prestigious Chulalongkorn University has provided Orientum with the priceless opportunity to take part in solving the huge global problem of plastic waste, at the same time as bringing us all a profitable business opportunity – DR. METTA VISESSOMBAT.

He has graciously accepted the invitation to officially be a part of Orientum as Senior Advisor on Green Energy and Plastic to Fuel Technologies. Having graduated with a Doctorate from the UK, Dr. Metta has had an impressive career working for such massive corporations as PepsiCo and heading up green energy projects for a number of African governments.

Dr. Metta founded the company SEPCO Asia Group, which owns technology for converting waste plastic into high quality fuel through a perfected pyrolysis process.

Orientum has designated 10% of investment funds towards Innovations for a Sustainable Future. SEPCO’s Waste Plastic to Fuel Production Plants perfectly fit this budget, but due to the huge demand for this technology and massive need to tackle the global plastic waste crisis, we are dedicating a whole new cryptocurrency to this, called Orientum Plus. We are very happy that Dr. Metta will be spearheading these projects and leading research on more waste to fuel technologies. Welcome aboard!