Good news for all holders of Orientum

The Orientum Blockchain and Wallet System is currently undergoing a major upgrade by our IT team in preparation for our release onto public exchanges this coming October.

Furthermore, these improvements are being implemented in connection with the development of the Orientum Plus platform and wallets which are being rolled out at the same time.

These improvements include:
– Better usability
– Better security systems
– Better integration options through secure API capabilities and others

This major overhaul may mean that users could encounter occasional delays/issues when using the current ORT wallet system. There may be some limitations in using the system, conducting transfers, etc.

During this brief upgrade period, functionality of the Bergman & Gold Back Office will remain stable and users can freely conduct transactions between users through the Bergman & Gold Virtual Wallet System.

We encourage users to make full use of this as needed.

During this time, all new ORT package purchases will be immediately displayed in ORT wallets located in the Bergman & Gold Associate System Back Office.

Please be assured that we will vigilantly protect each and every user’s digital assets to ensure they are consistently safeguarded throughout this upgrade process, as always.

We look forward to the New Look and functions of the Orientum & Orientum Plus Platforms and especially the expansion of all supporting businesses for a strong and sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem – where ORT coins can soon be publicly traded and exchanged.

Let’s OWN THE FUTURE together!