Initial Orientum Accounting Report

We are releasing herewith the first Orientum Accounting Report, covering both the Coin Balances and Fund Allocation.

Orientum is currently undergoing some very exciting developments with a partnership with Cloud Horizon Limited which will provide a major boost to the overall business of Orientum, and especially help drive the Orientum Plus Plastic to Fuel Token Project.

With this whole restructuring currently in place, we are unable to release a full audit at this time. We have conducted serious discussions with Big Four accounting firms and narrowed things down from the four to two company options, but with all of the reorganization underway, we will have the proper auditing take place once things have settled more.

With this in mind, please understand that some figures will be adjusted once our current merger is fully completed, and things should be settled by March when our next Accounting Report is due.

As announced, we are conducting a Preliminary Airdrop at this time, releasing 5% of the remaining pool of ORT Coins in direct proportion to individual coin balances of Coin Holders as of midnight UTC 26 December, 2018 (Christmas Night).

Once again, make sure that you are holding all of your ORT Coins in your main Orientum Wallet in order to avail yourself of this Christmas gift!

Orientum Accounting Report

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Orientum Team