Orientum Fact Sheet

Orientum is a pioneer fintech project that employs a new and unique approach of connecting cryptocurrency to stable and prosperous businesses to add value and sustainability to the coin. Ours is a long-term vision.

Our cryptocurrency and related businesses are in the startup phase, but before its public release, we are offering the business opportunity of Orientum to select investors through a Private Sale Coin Offering with special incentives and promotions. This provides a First Mover Advantage to those who wish to acquire ORT Coins before all is fully set up and the cryptocurrency is publicly released. Such benefits will not be available or possible once we release the Orientum onto public exchanges.

The BUSINESSES of Orientum are in the startup phase but setup and registration is in an advanced stage after bring in process for many months.

The Orientum cryptocurrency is being registered in Georgia and this process is expected to be completed within August.

Why Georgia?

– Key partners have been conducting business and building a strong presence there for some time. This allowed us to obtain sensitive and hard to secure licenses which we now have in hand. These permit us to conduct coin/token sales, hold ICOs and operate crypto exchanges, etc.

– Because of its strategic location in proximity to Asia and Europe where much of our business will be situated at the initial phase.

– Because Georgia’s financial structure has advanced greatly and is conducive for conducting business related to cryptocurrency, exchanges, and payment solutions.

The SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT of Orientum is currently in its public beta stage. This means that the software is fully functional and readily accessible through our Block Explorer, wallet system, etc. However in an ever developing digital world we are currently tweaking, improving and developing the platform to be prepared well in time for its public release onto select public exchanges in October 2018.

Orientum 1.0 (Beta) was built using Parity and is a clone of Ethereum using Proof of Work verification of transactions. As technology develops, we have determined that this might not best serve the unique business model of Orientum, so the software structure of the final release of Orientum will be taking another route, most likely with a software structure built on Bitcoin (in which transactions are ordinarily also Proof of Work). Orientum will adapt this to incorporate block confirmations using a proprietary solution that features a combination of Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority. We identify such models as the direction cryptocurrency will be taking in the near future and we are committed to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancement.

Users can rest assured that we will stringently safeguard their digital assets throughout the phases of software development with backup systems employed and careful record keeping.

Other software optimization we are conducting is in even greater security in order to ensure safety from cyber-attacks, and in usability – particularly working towards merchant adoption and application.

Regarding mining: The total supply of 888,888,888 ORT coins are all pre-mined. Our concept is built upon usability, adding value and connection with strong and stable businesses, not mining or paying GAS etc.

Orientum is a centralized crypto platform. We provide confidence and transparency through processes, checks and balances which adhere to international banking standards, and independent external auditing of the platform. Due to this, the platform is deployed on a limited number of servers, currently over 23 nodes. As a centralized platform, hostile takeover of the system is impractical and highly unlikely. Thus our emphasis is on the stability and usability of the system, not the number of nodes.

Orientum Plus is an additional crypto being deployed specifically for the purpose of tackling the global crisis of excessive plastic waste. 50% of investment in Orientum Plus will go towards setting up innovative waste plastic to fuel production plants. A further 25% of will go towards research and development of further waste plastic to fuel technologies. And importantly, the remaining 25% of investment and related profits from the business will go back to Orientum.

Orientum Plus will be released for Private Sale in September 2018 with a total supply of 40,000,000,000 coins to match the 40 billion liters of diesel that can be produced from the current yearly global production of 80 million tons of PE plastic.

Information regarding technical software development, sales promotions, and usability will be released at a later date. At this time our full focus is on the Founder Coin – Orientum whose Private Sale runs until the 15th of September, 2018.