The appointment of a new CEO for our fintech platform

The Founders and Board of Directors of Orientum are delighted to announce the appointment of a new CEO for our fintech platform.

We are very pleased and proud to have at the helm of Orientum an accomplished and experienced career banker with a long and impressive career holding high level executive positions in a number of prestigious banks both internationally and in Thailand.

Mr. Jiratchyuth Amyongka, previously held the post of CFO of Orientum and has now graciously agreed to step up to the position of CEO. In his new capacity Mr. Jiratchayuth will have a full mandate to structure Orientum in accordance with international finance and banking standards, implementing appropriate technological and manual processes that incorporate proper checks and balances.

Mr. Jiratchyuth Amyongka

Furthermore, this will fulfil our core objective of delivering confidence and total transparency to users, associates, partners, and the wider fintech community, and position Orientum to be externally audited by a “Big Four” accounting firm.

We are confident that Mr. Jiratchyuth is highly qualified to take the helm of Orientum and ensure the venture and platform is constructed and operated in accordance with our objectives, emphasizing compliance, security and transparency. From the beginning it has always been our intent to engage highly qualified and experienced professionals in the executive management structure of Orientum. We are only too aware of the need for individual professionals who possess the right experience in the field of finance to lead Orientum forwards. Fortunately for Orientum, Mr. Jiratchyuth is just such a person.

Ms. Natchaphan Sonsirinun, co-founder and pioneer of Orientum said, “I am so excited that such a respected expert in finance as Mr. Jiratchyuth has accepted the challenge of taking Orientum to the next level by overseeing the ongoing process of structuring our platform as a robust, reliable and transparent financial organization.

“Through all of the struggles and challenges of launching Orientum, I was always determined to hand over the executive management role to someone with the precise expertise needed. Happily, we can all rest assured that this is now in place. I remain fully confident in Orientum’s role as a key player in the finance of the future and truly believe that, in Mr. Jiratchyuth, we have found the right man to take us there, along with the rest of our wonderful team.

“All the members of the Board will continue to work closely with Mr. Jiratchyuth, supporting him in what is clearly a great responsibility. Personally, I will remain an active part in Orientum as Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Additionally I will focus on engaging directly with our marketing teams. Let’s move together to OWN THE FUTURE!”