The Orientum White Paper

As explained in previous announcements by Orientum, we are currently in the Public Beta phase of the technological development of our platform. Orientum is undergoing further development for the purpose of usability and heightened security for all users. We are modernizing the technology to better suit the needs of future users and to increase integration options to benefit ORT holders, in particular towards merchant integration.

Significantly, since being presented with the huge opportunity of entering into fuel production from waste plastic, we decided that the magnitude of potential in this project was worthy of a dedicated cryptocurrency, Orientum Plus. Adding a second cryptocurrency which will begin its private sale soon.

In the interest of communicating clearly and comprehensively regarding the superior user experience we are determined to provide, we have delayed the issuing of our Official Orientum White Paper to ensure that we can articulate is sufficient detail what are offering, specifically on the technical side.

In the interim, information regarding Orientum is available in considerable detail on our website, at this page: Additionally we are issuing a document to express in greater detail the core concepts behind Orientum, our Mission, Vision and Goals. This document may be used in the place of the Orientum White Paper at this time.

We look forward to partnering with you to Own the Future!