Orientum is issued by EltronX LLC, a company registered in Georgia
under Company Identification Number 406266730

The world is drowning in plastic! Plastic waste pollution in our environment is out of control.

EltronX LLC is issuing a cryptocurrency especially minted to fight this global crisis called Orientum Plus (ORTP). Read More…

Orientum – Own The Future Official Video

Orientum – Own The Future Official Video

Orientum (ORT) is available for trading at these public exchanges:

Introducing Orientum

Orientum (ORT) is a next generation peer-to-peer and business-to-business cryptocurrency designed with a long-term vision in mind. We are determined to create a resilient digital currency that will play a pivotal role in the digital finance macrocosm of the future due to being built upon solid programming design and advanced financial technology with genuine usability and merchant integration.

Built to Last. Destined to Grow.

Besides being built with cool tech and a solid, modern design structure, the unique appeal of the Orientum Platform is the fact that we guarantee a cryptocurrency that is backed by businesses involved in mega real estate developments, hospitality ventures, and other such tangible assets that are likely to maintain their value and appreciate over time. It is built to last and destined to grow.

Transparency through Blockchain Technology and Auditing

The blockchain innovation allows users to track all transactions through the publicly accessible block explorer, but we are taking things to another level. We are partnering with one of the “Big Four” accounting firms to audit our cryptocurrency platform and are working closely with top professionals from the banking industry in order to deliver maximum confidence to investors.

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Through partnership with strong and established businesses, Orientum provides investors with a win-win scenario – the benefit of putting money into the trendy and robust fintech sector while simultaneously enjoying the security of more traditional investment.

Orientum Fund Allocation

An unprecedented 65% of investment in Orientum is allocated towards material, tangible assets in the form of real estate, hospitality, tourism, financial investments, green energy industry projects, and educational institutions. This brings with it sustainability and a high potential for growth. It brings value to the coin and the likelihood of it maintaining its worth and steadily appreciating in value over time, based on the principle that robust economies will have strong currencies

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Real Estate, Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure – 50%

The 50% that we are investing in real estate is not some far-off plan. It is a present reality through partnership with respected real estate developer, Siam Royal View that has a land bank of over 1 million square meters of premium seafront property on the pristine tropical island of Koh Chang in Thailand.

Marketing, Advertising and Bonus – 15%

We have an expert team of high-performance marketing and sales people who specialize in offering fintech solutions at a global level.

More than just covering marketing costs, much of this budget goes right back to investors through the attractive bonuses we offer.

Management, Advisors and R&D – 10%

We are committing all of our resources into creating a reliable and stable digital currency that will play a pivotal role in the finance of the future.

We have the support of a distinguished Board of Advisors and an Executive Committee comprising a diverse team of experts and industry leaders.

Fintech – 10%

In connection with our strategic partners, we deliver a holistic package of fintech solutions including our own coins exchanges.

Our complete fintech ecosystem also features smart merchant integration.

Innovations for a Sustainable Future – 10%

We are committed to investing in the future, remaining at the cutting edge of technology through investing in innovations for a sustainable future with a special emphasis on Green Energy. We aim to be a driving force in environmentally friendly enterprise and industry with a particular focus on innovative Waste Plastic to Fuel production plants.

Education and Welfare – 5%

We believe that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of successful business of any kind and that socially beneficial initiatives should be self-sustaining and profitable.

An Expertly Designed and Secure Platform

The Orientum blockchain is fully developed in advance of its launch. This means that investors can buy and sell Orientum amongst themselves immediately upon signing up and getting KYC approval.

Security and protection of our coin holders’ digital assets is our foremost priority and we have spared no effort in providing the most advanced and comprehensive security systems available.

Connecting with Merchants and the Marketplace

Genuine usability brings value to cryptocurrency. So it is our objective from the start to establish Orientum as a preferred payment method for goods and services. We have already connected with strategic partners that accept payment with Orientum Coins 100% and even offer exclusive incentives of up to 25% discounts on purchases of property and payment for hospitality services using our cryptocurrency.

Additionally we are developing a Smart Merchant Application which we project will be adopted by at least 100-200 merchants in its initial stage. Consequently we are confident that countless other merchants and partners around the world will follow suit. This will generate extended dynamic growth of the platform.

Orientum Development Timeline

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July, 2017

Inspiration. Motivation to create a superior cryptocurrency supported by real assets was born.

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August, 2017

Blockchain development begins.

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October, 2017

Branding initiative begins. Development of name, and logo and branding package completed.

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November, 2017

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January, 2018

Development of beta blockchain completed. Number of coins and structure of cryptocurrency determined.

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February, 2018

Beta ORT Wallet system finalized.

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23rd March, 2018

Publishing of Light Paper. MOU signed with Siam Royal View to develop Marina Sands Resort and Marina Villas Housing Project in Koh Chang, Thailand.

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25th March, 2018

Joining Cryptocurrency Expo Event in South Korea. Beta KYC Process operational.

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5th April, 2018

KYC-enabled Beta Wallet System launched for the public.

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24th April, 2018

Press conference in Hong Kong.

Private Sale Begins.

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25th April, 2018

Pre-Sale Launch.

Orientum Roadmap

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30th September, 2018

Private Sale Ends.

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October, 2018

Public Trading begins with release on select exchanges.

Private Sale of Associate Cryptocurrency Platform – Orientum Plus begins.

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December, 2018

First independent audit of Orientum.

First Airdrop of Free ORT Coins to current holders of Orientum.

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March, 2019

Second independent audit of Orientum.

Second Airdrop of Free ORT Coins to current holders of Orientum.
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January, 2019

Planned Smart Merchant App platform launch.

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